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Take the “Road Less Travelled” to relaxation and enjoyment!

Are you looking for an affordable Western getaway where you can re-charge in near wilderness? Seeking a hide-away from the bustling crowds? You don't have to look too far… nestled on the eastern slopes of the Alberta Rockies is the town of Nordegg. Nordegg is the hub of outdoor activities and experiences that await your arrival.

Until recently, Nordegg has been a relatively well kept secret. You'll soon agree that Nordegg is conveniently located on Highway #11, known out here, as “The “Road Less Travelled.” Nordegg is approximately 200 Km west of Red Deer on Highway #11 and situated 100 Km east of the Saskatchewan Crossing, near the famous Columbia Ice Fields. The Saskatchewan Crossing lies about half way between the renowned Alberta mountain resort towns of Banff and Jasper. Any way you choose to get here (see map) Nordegg is not much more than a scenic 3 hour drive from Calgary.

Nordegg is just far enough off of the beaten trail that one can enjoy a quiet relaxing time in largely unspoiled countryside. As you will see, the scenery surrounding Nordegg is breathtaking; from the unusual domed peak of Coliseum Mountain to the amazing azure blue waters of Abraham Lake.

The clean Rocky Mountain air provides restful sleep. If you live and work in a bustling urban area, the restful ambience of this area will have you unwound in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Nordegg awaits…

Using Nordegg as your base of operations you can enjoy almost any winter or summer activity. From bird watching to observing the abundant wildlife in their natural habitat are popular pastimes. Or you can

  • Pack your hiking boots for Hiking of all skill levels,
  • Dash down exciting mountain bike trails
  • Dip a line in world class fly fishing streams (link to fish & Wildlife map?)
  • Lounge around the campfire in one of over three hundred camp sites
  • Swing a club at the 9 hole course at Nordegg.
  • Enjoy a refreshing swim or canoeing
  • Live out your cowboy or Courier du Bois dreams on a canoe trip or horseback tour (Five operators in the immediate area offer scenic horseback and pack tours.) (hot links to activity sites)
  • Sit by the side of a Rocky Mountain stream and dream!

In the winter months the silence and serenity of snow covered terrain peaceful cross country skiing.

Bring out your inner adventurer! Ice climbing of natural and man-made ice cliffs is a growing sport at nearby Kootenay Plains. Many enjoy snowmobile touring on miles of snowmobile trails. In summer the same trails provide ample opportunity for exploring via all terrain vehicle (ATV)

The Nordegg area is a big piece of rugged countryside with ample room for you to spread out and enjoy your particular pastime. In addition to being a rustic, serene and less crowded place, the pace of life and prices in Nordegg are more reasonable than in the major mountain resort areas.


Like much of Canada, Nordegg has an interesting but largely un-chronicled history. We seem to prefer to let people discover our colourful history on their own, often by accident. In 1906, a colourful adventurer and mining engineer named Martin Nordegg came to Canada from Germany . He was invited by the Federal Government to help develop Canada 's mineral resources. In 1907 he came to West Central Alberta to prospect. He soon discovered and developed rich coal deposits on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains .

Nordegg built The Brazeau Collieries named after the nearby wild Brazeau River. His pioneer mining efforts effectively spearheaded what became a major industry in the mountain west. Many immigrant miners from Europe notably the Italians came to work in the Nordegg area and many Italian families in Alberta have their roots in Nordegg.


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